Be the Architect of Your Life & Not the Victim

Be the Architect of Your Life & Not the Victim – Javnyuy Joybert

“Be the architect of your life, career/business & not the victim” Dr. Javnyuy

Get motivated that a bright future is possible for you. Become the CEO of your own life and make it happen!

Are you the type that drags yourself out of bed when it’s morning? 

Do you go through each day like a victim with a sad soul? 

It’s alright to be this way but it’s not alright to remain in this state. Life can throw things at us that will make us become victims. However, it is our responsibility to rise up and win. Life can be tough at times. We all have our own challenges to face that are unique to us. However, it does not mean we cannot win.

There’s often a gap between what we know we should do and what we actually do. A strong will and self-discipline is critical to fill this gap.

Shift from being the victim of circumstances, to becoming the architect of your own life and career. 

Let me share with you “3 Fundamentals to be an architect” 

1. Dare to be different, Dare to be yourself  —  if that doesn’t make you different then something is wrong. Find your true self and significance and live it

2. It takes courage to challenge the ideas and practices that make us successful. But in a world that moves and changes so fast, holding on to conventional wisdom is not the best option. Be agile & improve always. Be full of courage. 

3. Take major actions toward your life goals daily.  Develop a new habit of being proactive in creating your future. 

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Wishing you a glorious day ahead. 

You are Rare, You are Remarkable!


Javnyuy Joybert

Mr. Remarkable

Dr. Javnyuy Joybert

Meet Dr. Javnyuy Joybert, Founder of Peak Performers University (PPU) Dr. Javnyuy Joybert ( popularly known as Mr. Remarkable) is a multiple international award (35 recognitions & awards) winning business & productivity speaker, trainer, consultant & entrepreneur with 11 years+ of experience in 17 countries physically and 27 nations through virtual programs and refined skills who empowers his audience and clients (individuals & corporate structures) with deep insights, models, solutions & crafted tools they can apply in their businesses and lives to experience peak performance. His areas of expertise cut across strategy & execution, process creation & implementation, employee essential skills, business startup & expansion, personal & team productivity, market entry & dominance, digital transformation, the future of work and organizations of the future. Javnyuy is the CEO of COSDEF Group LTD, a service disruptive business with 17 employees with subsidiary operations in Financial Services, Corporate Training/Consulting, Skills Training & Recruitment Services, Technology and Investment Advisory Services.

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